2013-2014 Walden University Catalog (December 2013) 
    Jun 24, 2022  
2013-2014 Walden University Catalog (December 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching Adults English as a Second Language

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Education professionals gain the tools and strategies they need to help meet the growing demand for English language instructors. They explore essential theories and concepts of second language acquisition. Educators examine basic principles and best practices in the field as they prepare to plan lessons, design assessments, and conduct evaluations for adult learners. This specialization will help educators create effective environments for adults learning English as a second language.


Course Sequence


Semester Course Credits
EDUC 6170 - Dynamics of Teaching and Learning  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6171 - Theories and Frameworks for Adult Learning  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6172 - Cultural Diversity and Motivation
 3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6173 - Building Research Competencies in Adult Education  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6174 - Developing a Repertoire of Effective Teaching Practices 
 3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6175 - Planning, Assessing, and Improving Adult Learning  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6176 - Facilitating Collaboration and Group Process  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6177 - Using Technology to Enhance Adult Learning  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6185 - Fundamentals of Teaching Adults English as a Second Language  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6186 - Methods of Teaching Adults English as a Second Language  3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6187 - Planning, Assessment, and Evaluation for Teaching Adults English as a Second Language 
 3 sem. cr.
EDUC 6190 - Capstone: Practical Application in Adult Learning  3 sem. cr.