2012-2013 Walden University Catalog (September 2012) 
    Feb 02, 2023  
2012-2013 Walden University Catalog (September 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UVM Dual Degree and Certificate Program

Dual Degree

In the fall of 2005, Walden University created partnership programs with Latin American universities so that students at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) and other institutions in the Laureate International Universities network could earn a bachelor’s degree at their home institution and at Walden.

Walden’s dual degree program allows students from universities in Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica to obtain degrees from Walden University while simultaneously earning degrees at universities in their home countries.

Walden University and Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM)

Walden University and Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) offer a dual degree program to students as part of Walden’s increasing focus as a global university. Through this partnership, students in UVM’s School of Administration and Economics, with 27 campuses, may obtain a United States degree without ever leaving the country.

Graduates in the dual degree program obtain both their Bachelor of Science degree and their “licenciatura” degrees without leaving Mexico for their schooling. UVM is one of the largest and most prestigious Mexican universities, and students enrolled in the University’s School of Administration and Economics can obtain the dual degree by fulfilling both UVM’s and Walden University’s requirements. Students complete requirements at one of UVM’s 27 campuses and online courses at Walden University. Both programs can be completed in nine semesters.

Walden University and UVM are part of the Laureate International Universities global network of accredited universities. Accordingly, Walden University has opened the Bachelor of Science dual degree program to Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica in Costa Rica and Universidad Latinamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia in Panama. Both are also part of Laureate International Universities.


B.S. in Business Administration

The dual degree program with Walden University is designed to give the student tools for an international career in business. It is a 10-course sequence in the Business Administration program and the student earns a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Walden University. The Walden courses are taken in conjunction with the local Latin American university campus-based courses, so the student earns two bachelor’s degrees: one from Walden University in the United States and the second from the local university, all without leaving the home country.

The dual degree program has many benefits:

  • It offers an intensive curriculum designed to build business skills.
  • Upon completion, the student will have a business plan.
  • Three M.B.A.-level courses allow the student to articulate into the Walden M.B.A. program.
  • The course sequence is designed to allow the student the same amount of time to complete the bachelor’s degree at their local university.

The dual degree program offers start dates every semester: January, May, and September. Please consult with your Walden coordinator for details.

Course Sequence

Course Credits
 MGMT 1000V - Success Strategies in the Online Environment 3 sem. cr.
 MGMT 3001V - Management in the 21st Century 3 sem. cr.
 MGMT 3105V - Global Business in the 21st Century 3 sem. cr.
 MGMT 3005V - Information Systems in Enterprises 3 sem. cr.
 MGMT 4109V - Management and Organizational Behavior 3 sem. cr.
 MGMT 4140V - Marketing Management 3 sem. cr.
 MGMT 4141V - International Marketing 3 sem. cr.
 MMBA 6251V - International Trade 3 sem. cr.
 MMBA 6252V - International Finance 3 sem. cr.
 MMBA 6253V - Case Study: International Business Strategy 3 sem. cr.


Global Business Concentration Program

The Global Business Concentration (GBC) is designed for students who wish to enhance their global business knowledge, complete coursework from a U.S. university, and gain business knowledge and experience. Students are not required to have previous coursework in business. It is a three-course sequence, and two of the courses are used in the dual degree program.

The Global Business Concentration has many benefits:

  • It requires only three semesters of coursework to complete the sequence.
  • Students will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Walden University upon successful completion of the courses.

Course Sequence

Course Credits
N/A - Student Readiness Orientation N/A
MGMT 3001V - Management in the 21st Century 3 sem. cr.
MGMT 3105V - Global Business in the 21st Century 3 sem. cr.
MGMT 5101V - Capstone 3 sem. cr.