2012-2013 Walden University Catalog (September 2012) 
    Dec 04, 2022  
2012-2013 Walden University Catalog (September 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

M.S. in Clinical Psychology

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The M.S. in Clinical Psychology program provides a broad background in clinical psychology with the opportunity to complete an optional counseling specialization. It prepares students to work ethically and effectively at the master’s level with diverse individuals in a variety of settings. In addition, this program offers students an opportunity to complete a graduate degree that is more practitioner-focused and less research-focused and includes a broader survey of the topics in clinical psychology compared to many other degree programs.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the foundations of psychology.
  2. Synthesize psychological theory and research to apply in real-world situations in clinical settings.
  3. Interpret psychological theory and research.
  4. Describe psychological theory, research, and practice from a multicultural and/or global perspective.
  5. Apply psychological theory, research, and practice to scholarly and/or professional activities that promote positive social change.
  6. Use a framework of evidence-based practice to develop constructive working relationships with clients, supervisors, instructors, and colleagues.
  7. Demonstrate an appropriate and professional demeanor with clients, supervisors, instructors, and colleagues.


Degree Requirements

  • 56–59 total quarter credit hours

             o   Foundation course (1 cr.)

             o   Core courses (49 cr.)

             o   Practicum* (6–9 cr.)


*CPSY 6900 - Master’s Practicum III (3 cr.) is an optional course that may be applied to the Ph.D. in Psychology program. Students should take this course if they plan to pursue their doctoral degree.

Core Curriculum

Foundation Research Sequence (4 cr.)

Courses comprising the core research sequence are conducted online and require weekly readings, participation in discussions, and assignment completion. Course instructors guide discussions and evaluate discussion and application assignments. RSCH 6100 must be completed during the second term and is linked to Milestone 2 of the academic residencies. RSCH 6200 and RSCH 6300 must be completed prior to registering for the dissertation.

Course Sequence

Quarter Course Credits


CPSY 6001 - Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology

1 cr.
  CPSY 6215 - Lifespan Development 5 cr.


CPSY 6221 - Psychopathology from a Clinical Perspective

5 cr.
  CPSY 6705 - Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice 5 cr.


CPSY 6342 - Interventions I

5 cr.
  RSCH 6100Y - Research Theory, Design, and Methods 4 cr.


CPSY 6341 - Psychological Assessment

5 cr.
  CPSY 6343 - Interventions II 5 cr.


CPSY 6701 - Culture and Psychology

5 cr.
  CPSY 6250 - Group Process and Dynamics 5 cr.


CPSY 6700 - Master’s Practicum I

3 cr.
  CPSY 6245 - Social Psychology 5 cr.


CPSY 6800 - Master’s Practicum II

3 cr.

Program Data

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