2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (March 2012) 
    Aug 13, 2022  
2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (March 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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The purpose of the M.P.H. program is to foster the development of professional public health values, concepts, and ethical practices through the preparation of public health practitioners with specialized knowledge, skills, and competencies in health promotion, disease prevention, and management who are able to identify and assess the needs of diverse populations; plan, implement, and evaluate programs to address those needs; and assure conditions that prevent disease and protect and promote the health of individuals, populations, and communities, with special attention to the underserved and reduction of health disparities.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, students will be able to:

1. Analyze and apply biostatistical concepts to health data.
2. Apply epidemiological concepts to public health situations.
3. Discuss the environmental health factors that affect the health of a community.
4. Demonstrate/apply concepts of health management and policy to health and public health programs.
5. Analyze public health problems, utilizing concepts and methods of social and behavioral sciences.

Degree Requiremets

  • 56 total quarter credit hours
  • Foundation course (2 cr.)
  • Core courses (46 cr.)
  • Practicum (8 cr.)
  • ePortfolio



Course Sequence

Quarter Course
1 PUBH 6101 Principles of Communication in Public Health
PUBH 6002 Essentials of Public Health: A Case Study Approach
2 PUBH 6115 Social, Behavioral, and Cultural Factors in Public Health
PUBH 6125 Biostatistics
3 PUBH 6145 Epidemiology
PUBH 6165 Environmental Health
4 PUBH 6170 Public Health Biology
PUBH 6175 Health Policy and Management
5 PUBH 6227 Health Informatics
PUBH 6235 Program Design, Planning, and Evaluation
6 PUBH 6135 Leadership, Professionalism, and Ethics in Public Health Practice
PUBH 6155 Research in Public Health
7 PUBH 6635 Practicum I: Field Experience in Public Health
PUBH 6260 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Public Health
8 PUBH 6636 Practicum II: Capstone Experience in Public Health


Program Data

Walden is committed to providing the information about your program. Please find detailed information for the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) program relating to the types of occupations this program may lead to, completion rate, program costs, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.

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