2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (March 2012) 
    Feb 05, 2023  
2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (March 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development

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The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development program prepares K–12 educators to be effective instructional leaders within their school or district. To help all students succeed at the highest levels of achievement, educators throughout the system must have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to enhance their own practices and make positive changes in teaching and learning. This program provides powerful learning opportunities for participants who want to lead systemic initiatives related to planning, designing, and implementing rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment plans. The program focuses on how to bring about teaching and learning reform through job-embedded professional development that focuses on content and aligns to standards and student needs.

Degree Requirements

  • 33 total semester credits
  • Foundation course (3 sem. cr.)
  • Core courses (27 sem. cr.)
  • Capstone course (3 sem. cr.)
  • Minimum of 6 semesters’ enrollment
  • ePortfolio

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, educator professionals will be able to:

1. Organize adults into learning communities whose goals are aligned with those of the school and district.

2. Become  skillful school and district leaders who guide continuous instructional improvement.

3. Require resources to support adult learning and collaboration.

4. Use disaggregated student data to determine adult learning priorities, monitor progress, and help sustain continuous improvement.

5. Use multiple sources of information to guide improvement and demonstrate its impact.

6. Prepare educators to apply research to decision making.

7. Use learning strategies appropriate to the intended goal.

8. Apply knowledge about human learning and change.

9. Provide educators with the knowledge and skills to collaborate.

10. Prepare educators to understand and appreciate all students; create safe, orderly, and supportive learning environments; and hold high expectations for their academic achievement.

11. Deepen educators’ content knowledge, provide them with research-based instructional strategies to assist students in meeting rigorous academic standards, and prepare them to use various types of classroom assessments appropriately.

12. Provide educators with knowledge and skills to involve families and other stakeholders appropriately.


Core Curriculum

Course Sequence

1 EDUC 7005 Foundations: Ed.S. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development
EDUC 7220 Leading Effective Curriculum Design
2 EDUC 7221 Leading Research-Based Instructional Practices
EDUC 7223 Using Assessment and Data for School Improvement
3 EDUC 7740 Qualities of Effective Professional Development
EDUC 7741 Designing Professional Development
4 EDUC 7743 Evaluating Professional Development
EDUC 7742 Implementing Professional Development
5 EDUC 7745 Applied Research in Education, Part I
EDUC 7746 Applied Research in Education, Part II
6 EDUC 7905 Capstone: Ed.S. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development

Note on Licensure

For initial licensure or adding endorsements (e.g., new teaching fields) to existing licenses, individuals are often required to complete a state-approved licensure program. Walden offers Minnesota state-approved licensure programs in special education, early childhood education, and P–12 principal licensure.

Additionally, not all of Walden’s programs include a practicum or cover the grade span of K–12, which are requirements for obtaining an endorsement in some states, especially in the area of reading.

The graduate degree program and coursework within the program in which you are enrolling is accepted by many states toward upgrading or renewing a license or obtaining a salary increase (depending on state or district policy).

Prospective students seeking licensure must research their state licensure requirements to determine (1) if they are required to complete a state-approved licensure program, and (2) if there are any other requirements that apply, especially requirements pertaining to programs provided by out-of-state (except Minnesota) or online institutions.

Walden enrollment advisors can provide guidance on licensure issues; however, it remains the individual’s responsibility to understand and comply with all state licensure requirements. Walden makes no representation or guarantee that completion of Walden coursework or programs will permit an individual to obtain state licensure or endorsement. For additional guidance on licensure issues, please refer to www.WaldenU.edu/educlicensure.

Program Data

Walden is committed to providing the information about your program. Please find detailed information for the Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development relating to the types of occupations this program may lead to, completion rate, program costs, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.

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