2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (December 2011) 
    Jul 06, 2020  
2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (December 2011) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management Concentration

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The Management concentration focuses on aligning contemporary management practices with strategic direction. It provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in international management, human resource management, and knowledge management. Students focus on emerging trends in the international business arena, techniques for attracting and retaining effective human resources, and the integration of knowledge management with quality initiatives and organizational change. Note: Students must complete FNCE 3001 Financial Management before entering the Corporate Finance course; BUSI 1002 Introduction to Management and Leadership before entering the Knowledge Management course; and HRMG 3001 Human Resource Management before entering the Strategic Human Resource Management course.

Concentration Curriculum (15 cr.)

It is recommended that courses be completed in the following order: