2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (December 2011) 
    Mar 31, 2020  
2011-2012 Walden University Catalog (December 2011) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Systems Management Specialization (Mixed-Model)

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The Information Systems Management specialization provides an integrative approach to managing information systems in today’s data-rich environment. Students will study ways to derive maximum value and innovation from investing in organizational systems, and help build the leadership skills that successful technology executives have found essential. Students will take the opportunity to broaden their understanding of all aspects of e-commerce systems, security management and risk assessment, and system design. And they will study ways to develop expertise in leading and managing people, processes, and systems, and contribute to positive social change by helping to improve organizational performance through information systems management.

Foundation Course (6 cr.)

All beginning KAM-based/mixed-model track Ph.D. in Management students are required to successfully complete this course and are automatically enrolled in it during their first quarter. In this course, students develop a Professional Development Plan and a Plan of Study as their guide to the rest of their program.

Foundation Research Sequence (12 cr.)

Courses comprising the Foundation Research Sequence are conducted online and require weekly readings, participation in discussions, and assignment completion. Course instructors guide discussions and evaluate discussion and application assignments. RSCH 8100Z must be completed during the second term (third term for course-based students) and is a prerequisite for Residency 2 of the academic residencies. RSCH 8200Z and RSCH 8300Z must be completed prior to registering for Residency 3 and for the dissertation.

Advanced Research Course (4 cr.)

Ph.D. students are required to complete one advanced-level research course that mirrors the methodology of their intended dissertations. The university offers three advanced courses. Students should refer to their specific programs of study to determine program-specific requirements.

One of the following three courses is required:

Two Appropriate KAMs (24 cr.)

Dissertation (20 cr.)