2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (September 2022) 
    Nov 30, 2022  
2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (September 2022)

Accelerated Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Grades K–12) - MS in Education

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This specialization supports the key premise that all children can learn—regardless of socioeconomic conditions, ethnicity, or learning differences. It focuses on providing 21st-century learning opportunities that serve all students. The curriculum includes the latest information on brain-based learning and features access to national education experts like Dr. Judy Willis, whose expertise as both a neurologist and a teacher helps to demonstrate how this new information translates to effective practice in the classroom.

Educators need to respond effectively to their students’ diverse learning needs and provide authentic, differentiated learning experiences that help students master the multidimensional skills required for success in the 21st century. In this program educators apply evidence-based and reflective practices to make informed decisions that will positively impact student learning. They also design standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment that will help ensure that all students learn and achieve at the highest levels possible.

Learning Outcomes

The Program Learning Outcomes are aligned with Walden Outcomes.

Walden University’s CIA program strives to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to help students learn to respect and appreciate individual and group differences through the use of lessons and behaviors.
  2. Use a variety of approaches to help students build knowledge and strengthen understanding.


Degree Requirements

  • 30 total semester credits

Note on Teacher Licensure or Certification

This program does not lead to teacher licensure or certification. Teachers are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for salary advancement.