2019–2020 Walden University Catalog (March 2020) 
    Jun 26, 2022  
2019–2020 Walden University Catalog (March 2020) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Healthcare Management - BS in Public Health (Competency Based)

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The Healthcare Management concentration is ideal for those individuals who wish to develop fundamental management and leadership skills that translate to a variety of employment settings. The concentration integrates coursework in business administration, leadership, organizational theory and behavior, and healthcare management to prepare 21st-century health professionals who can lead effectively, reason critically, act ethically, and advance their professions, organizations, and communities.

Specialization Competencies (25 cr.)

    • CI3001 Healthcare Delivery Models
      Analyze changing delivery models in acute healthcare.
    • CI3002 Long-Term Care Delivery Models
      Evaluate quality, safety, and access of long-term care settings.
    • CI3003 Health Issues and Policy
      Evaluate U.S. health policies as they compare to policies in other countries.
    • CI3004 Policy Impact
      Analyze the impact of policy on healthcare.
    • CI3005 Policy Development
      Propose healthcare policy initiatives.
    • IR3001 Introduction to Health Insurance and Reimbursement
      Identify key concepts relating to health insurance and reimbursement in the United States.
    • IR3002 Types of Health Insurance
      Analyze different types of health insurance.
    • IR3003 Fraud and Abuse
      Analyze insurance and reimbursement cases for potential fraud and abuse.
    • IR3004 Revenue Cycle Management
      Analyze the importance of effective revenue cycle management for a provider’s fiscal stability.
    • IR3005 Prospective Payment Systems
      Analyze the components of varying prospective payment systems.
    • HT4001 Organizational Structure and Culture
      Examine the structure of various organizations.
    • HT4002 Leadership
      Analyze the qualities of leadership.
    • HT4003 Organizational Behavior Management
      Apply management skills to organizational environments.
    • HT4004 Workplace Motivation
      Apply workplace motivation theories.
    • HT4005 Organizational Change
      Apply management strategies to foster positive organizational changes.
    • MG4001 Mission, Vision, Values
      Evaluate the mission, vision, and values for healthcare organizations.
    • MG4002 SWOT Analysis
      Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of healthcare organizations.
    • MG4003 Develop Marketing Plans
      Develop marketing plans for healthcare organizations.
    • HF4001 Introduction to Finance
      Identify terms and concepts relating to healthcare finance.
    • HF4002 Budget Analysis
      Analyze the relationship between financial statements and the financial health of an organization.
    • HF4003 Cost Analysis
      Assess components and purposes of financial reports.
    • HF4004 Business Plans and Proposals
      Apply budgeting strategies to effectively manage healthcare operations.