2019–2020 Walden University Catalog (March 2020) 
    Jun 26, 2022  
2019–2020 Walden University Catalog (March 2020) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MS in Psychology (Competency Based)

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Tempo Learning® is Walden’s competency-based education modality, an alternative way of earning a Walden degree offered for some Walden programs. Instead of courses, the Walden Tempo Learning® program is comprised of competencies and rigorous assessments. Students progress through the Tempo Learning® model by successfully passing competency assessments. A student must successfully achieve or master all competency assessments to graduate from the program.

Students earn the same Walden degree whether they choose the course-based or the competency-based modality.


Degree Requirements

  • 48 quarter credits
  • Foundation competencies (3 cr.)
  • Core competencies (25 cr.)
  • Specialization competencies (15 cr.)
  • Capstone competencies (5 cr.)


Foundation Competencies (3 cr.)

    • GS001 Field of Psychology
      Describe alignment of professional goals for positive social change.
    • GS002 Academic Goals
      Demonstrate skills to further academic goals.
    • GS003 Professional Goals
      Demonstrate skills to further professional goals.

Core Competencies (25 cr.)

    • PT001 Psychological Themes and Theories
      Evaluate key concepts in theories.
    • PT002 Human Behavior
      Evaluate how theories relate to human behavior in diverse settings.
    • PT003 Research
      Evaluate how research informs psychological theories.
    • LF001 Theories and Processes of Development
      Evaluate constructs, processes, and theories related to developmental psychology.
    • LF002 Developmental Concepts
      Analyze developmental concepts as applied to the life of an individual.
    • LF003 Lifespan
      Synthesize environmental, biological, and cultural influences on development throughout the lifespan.
    • CU001 Culture and Human Development
      Evaluate the effect of culture on social, emotional, and cognitive developmental processes and human behavior to gain a better understanding of individuals across the world. 
    • CU002 Social Roles and Social Behavior
      Analyze how culture influences socialization, social roles, social cognition, and social behavior to gain a greater appreciation of cultural appropriate behaviors in varied settings.
    • CU003 Culture and Psychological Well-Being
      Use cross-cultural strategies to understand psychological disorders and to promote mental health attitudes, beliefs, and practices.
    • CU004 Cross-Cultural Research
      Promote a global perspective of psychology using cross-cultural research and methods to encourage positive social change.
    • PS001 Data Collection and Management
      Collect, manage, and clean quantitative data to develop core skills for problem-solving.
    • PS002 Data Analysis
      Analyze quantitative data to answer questions to solve problems in real world situations.
    • PS003 Data Interpretation
      Interpret quantitative data to make generalizations for positive social change.
    • RT001 Philosophy of Science, Theory, and Social Change
      Analyze the roles of philosophy, theory, and social change in research.
    • RT002 Quantitative Research
      Assess quantitative research studies for quality and for alignment among critical research components.
    • RT003 Qualitative Research
      Assess qualitative research studies for quality and for alignment among critical research components.
    • RT004 Mixed Methods Research
      Assess mixed methods research (MMR) studies for quality and for alignment among critical research components.

Specialization Competencies (15 cr.)

These courses are dependent upon the particular specialization. Please see the course list on each specialization page.

Capstone Competencies (5 cr.)

    • SS001 Research Strategies
      Analyze the research strategies that address contemporary issues or problems based on applied research in the field of psychology.
    • SS002 Issues or Problems in Psychology
      Apply psychology to contemporary issues or problems in either the workplace, community, or world.
    • SS003 Literature Reviews
      Synthesize literature related to the field of psychology that is focused on contemporary issues or problems in the workplace, community, or world.

Note on Curriculum

In an effort to ensure competencies are kept up to date and relevant to meet the learning outcomes of the program, the number and subject matter of individual competencies needed to satisfy program course requirements may change. However, program outcomes and the number and subject matter of courses will not be impacted. As a result, the required competencies listed in a student’s individual learning plan may differ from what is currently listed in the catalog.