2019–2020 Walden University Catalog (September 2019) 
    Jul 01, 2022  
2019–2020 Walden University Catalog (September 2019) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BS in Human Services

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This program prepares students to meet the growing need for qualified professionals who have a broad understanding of human services program development, implementation, and evaluation. Through this curriculum, students gain the practical skills required to assist individuals and communities in crisis. The curriculum comprises courses through which students have the opportunity to develop core human services competencies, including managing and resolving conflict, organizing community resources, and interacting with diverse communities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Articulate historical and current issues that have shaped the development of the human services profession.
  2. Articulate the role that human service professionals play in working with individuals, communities, and families in need.
  3. Identify strategies to address marginalization and social stratification for diverse communities in support of social change initiatives.
  4. Advocate client needs across a variety of social domains.
  5. Utilize knowledge of formal and informal networks in the human services delivery systems.
  6. Apply appropriate models for addressing crisis-related problems in the lives of clients.
  7. Apply legal and ethical standards in providing client services and maintaining client records.
  8. Evaluate service delivery and program effectiveness.

Degree Requirements

  • 181 total quarter credits
  • General education courses (46 cr.)
  • Core courses (45 cr.)
  • Concentration courses (30-35 cr., depending on concentration)
  • Elective courses (50-55 cr., depending on concentration)
  • Capstone course (5 cr.)


BS in Human Services students should take HUMN courses when possible.

General Education Courses (46 cr.)

See the general education  section of this Walden University Catalog.

Note: At least three general education courses taken must be at the 3000 level or higher, including SOCI 4080.

Concentration Courses (30–35 cr.)

These courses are dependent upon the particular concentration. Please see the course list on each concentration page.

Electives (50–55 cr.)

Electives are dependent upon the particular concentration. Please see the elective requirements on each concentration page.

Capstone Course (5 cr.)

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