2018–2019 Walden University Catalog (September 2018) 
    Nov 19, 2019  
2018–2019 Walden University Catalog (September 2018) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Policy–PhD in PPA

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Americans have seen radical changes in the healthcare industry over the past several years. They’ve watched it go from an independent structure to a collection of major business enterprises, which in turn has changed the way healthcare is delivered. As the healthcare environment changes, managers must quickly adapt to succeed. The Health Policy specialization helps students gain valuable knowledge about health delivery systems, health policy, health administration, and health finance centers, so they can manage effectively and successfully in this unique environment.

Course Sequence

Quarter  Course   Credits
1 PPPA 8004 - Foundations for Doctoral StudiesOR PPPA 8004I - Foundations for Doctoral Studies for International Students 3 cr. 
PPPA 8405 - Ethics and Social Justice♦  5 cr. 
2 PPPA 8431 - Finance and Budgeting for the Public Sector♦  5 cr. 
PPPA 8465 - Strategic Planning: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination♦  5 cr.   
3 PPPA 8111 - Leadership and Organizational Change♦  5 cr.  
PPPA 8115 - Writing a Quality Prospectus  5 cr. 
4 PPPA 8112 - Governance and Public Policy♦  5 cr. 
RSCH 8260 - Advanced Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis OR RSCH 8360 - Advanced Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis OR RSCH 8460 - Advanced Mixed-Methods Reasoning and Analysis  5 cr. 
5 PPPA 8841 - Health Policy and Management  5 cr. 
PPPA 8401 - Public Health Leadership and Systems Thinking♦  5 cr. 
6 PPPA 8420 - Health Economics♦  5 cr. 
RSCH 8100 - Research Theory, Design, and Methods OR RSCH 8110 - Research Theory, Design, and Methods♦  5 cr.
7 RSCH 8200 - Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis OR RSCH 8210 - Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis♦  5 cr.
RSCH 8300 - Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis OR RSCH 8310 - Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis♦  5 cr. 
8+ PPPA 9000 - Dissertation* 5 cr. per term for a minimum of four terms; taken continuously until completion

*Students take this course for a minimum of 4 quarters and are continuously enrolled until completion of their Dissertation with final Chief Academic Officer (CAO) approval.

To complete a doctoral dissertation, students must obtain the academic approval of several independent evaluators including their committee, the University Research Reviewer, and the Institutional Review Board; pass the Form and Style Review; gain approval at the oral defense stage; and gain final approval by the Chief Academic Officer. Students must also publish their dissertation on ProQuest before their degree is conferred. Learn more about the dissertation process in the Dissertation Guidebook.