2014-2015 Walden University Catalog (June 2015) 
    Nov 28, 2021  
2014-2015 Walden University Catalog (June 2015) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Disaster and Emergency Management - BS in Public Health

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Hurricanes. Pandemic flu. Tsunamis. Terrorism. Whether spawned by Mother Nature or human-made, disasters can occur anywhere at any time. Nations are in need of professionals trained in a variety of disciplines to gain the skills to prepare and organize communities and to build disaster-resilient communities. The Disaster and Emergency Management concentration will broaden students’ knowledge and skills in disaster management and will examine threats to public health safety. The concentration also serves as a valuable springboard for students who wish to pursue a graduate-level degree in public health, emergency management, public administration, or criminal justice.

Note: FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute provides free program resources and materials in addition to training for all universities that develop programs or certificates relating to emergency management. This initiative is called the FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Program. For more information, go to: http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/edu/ or training.fema.gov/.

Degree Requirements

  • 181 total quarter credit hours
  • General education courses (46 cr.)
  • Core courses (80 cr.)
  • Concentration courses (30 cr.)
  • Elective courses (20 cr.)
  • Capstone course (5 cr.)

Concentration Curriculum

Electives (20 cr.)

Choose four courses from general education, BS in Public Health, or other Walden bachelor’s degree programs. Elective credits should total 20 to meet the program requirements. Students may also be eligible to transfer previous credit to meet their elective requirements.

Note on Minors: Electives can also be used to complete a six-course minor. Although this program requires fewer than six elective courses, students have the option to complete a minor and graduate with more than the required number of credits for this program.