2014-2015 Walden University Catalog (June 2015) 
    Nov 30, 2022  
2014-2015 Walden University Catalog (June 2015) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teacher Leadership - Doctor of Education (EdD)

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The specialization in Teacher Leadership focuses on the “teacher as leader” and promotes experienced educators to effect change through improvement of teaching and learning. Unlike doctoral programs that are designed to lead instructional professionals out of the learning setting into positions as principals, superintendents, or other administrators, this degree is intended for educators whose aspirations are as follows:

  • To perfect the art and science of teaching.
  • To use their talents to improve learning among students in the classroom.
  • To influence positively the conditions for learning at the school, district, community, and state levels.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, educator professionals will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the current literature and trends in education.
  2. Demonstrate the reflective teaching and learning skills needed by a professional in the field of education.
  3. Utilize effective communication skills in presenting academic research so as to elicit social change.
  4. Identify and propose a solution to educational problem(s). (designing/developing research)
  5. Demonstrate leadership via effective communication and use of technology.
  6. Demonstrate leadership through effective communication about educational issues/topics to popular audiences in written work, speech, and through using technology.
  7. Utilize effective communication skills in presenting academic research so as to elicit social change.
  8. Show awareness of global interrelationships and affirm diversity in their own work about teaching and learning.
  9. Be familiar with scholarship in the field of education that is sensitive to global interrelationships and affirms diversity.
  10. Collaborate with a range of stakeholders in education and/or learning organizations in order to effect positive social change.
  11. Demonstrate active commitment to social change.

Degree Requirements

  • 54 total semester credits
  • Foundation course (6 sem. cr.)
  • Applied Research course (6 sem. cr.)
  • Research in Practice course (6 sem. cr.)
  • Core courses (24 sem. cr.)
  • Completing the Prospectus study (one semester, noncredit)
  • Doctoral study intensive (a minimum of 12 sem. cr.)
  • One 3-day academic residency
  • ePortfolio
  • Minimum 9 semesters enrollment

Specialization Curriculum

Course Sequence






6 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.


0 sem. cr.



6 sem. cr.


 * – continued

6 sem. cr.

 *Note: This course may not be taken concurrently with any other course.

Note on Licensure

The only program offered by Walden that is state-approved as leading to any administrative/leadership license (e.g., assistant principal, principal, teacher leader, superintendent) is the EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration, which has been approved in Minnesota for leading to licensure as a P–12 principal.

In addition, some of Walden’s programs in leadership can lead to principal licensure in Texas through a partnership with the Harris County Department of Education. For more information about the Texas Principal Certification Program, please contact Harris County at http://www.hcde-texas.org/default.aspx?name=PrinCert.

Prospective candidates from outside of Minnesota should review their state licensure requirements to ensure that completing a teacher or principal preparation program at Walden will meet eligibility requirements for similar licensure in their states.

Walden enrollment advisors can provide guidance on licensure issues; however, it remains the individual’s responsibility to understand and comply with all state licensure requirements. Walden makes no representation or guarantee that completion of Walden coursework or programs will permit an individual to obtain state licensure or endorsement. For additional guidance on licensure issues, please refer to www.WaldenU.edu/educlicensure.