2014-2015 Walden University Catalog (December 2014) 
    Feb 24, 2020  
2014-2015 Walden University Catalog (December 2014) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability - Doctor of Philosophy

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This specialization focuses on preparing leaders and scholars to address the growing need for assessment and accountability systems across all sectors. Covering the technical elements of assessment, course topics include analyzing the quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods data essential to accountability systems and designing assessment systems to improve individual, program, and institutional performance. Focusing on assessment as a tool for positive change, this specialization also considers the complex sociological, political, and economic factors affecting assessment, evaluation, and accountability processes.

Prospective Georgia students: At this time, this program is not eligible for certificate level upgrades in Georgia.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, educator professionals will be able to:

1. Formulate and execute practices that unite evaluation, assessment, and accountability in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
2. Develop and defend a comprehensive plan for assessment systems designed for improving the performance of individuals, programs, and institutions.
3. Design proposals for evaluation, assessment, and accountability with evidence of sociological, political, and economic considerations integrated within.
4. Construct reports that clearly synthesize and communicate actionable findings for quantitative and qualitative data.
5. Develop written and visual assessment communication in a way that is appropriate to the audience and purpose.
6. Execute a plan for sustaining a culture of improvement in an organization.


Core Research Sequence (12 cr.)

Courses composing the core research sequence are conducted online and require weekly readings, participation in discussions, and assignment completion. Course instructors guide discussions and evaluate discussion and application assignments. RSCH 8100D must be completed prior to Residency 2 of the academic residencies. RSCH 8200D and RSCH 8300D must be completed prior to beginning the dissertation or attending Residency 3.

Advanced Research Courses (4 cr.)

Those enrolled in this specialization are required to complete an advanced research course. The university offers three advanced research courses: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods. When the prospectus is approved, students will take the advanced research course selected as the methodology approved for the dissertation.
Students are required to complete one of the following courses: