2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (March 2022) 
    Dec 08, 2022  
2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (March 2022) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CAEX 6501 - Internship

(0 cr.)
As part of students’ approved internship placement, this course is an opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to real-world conditions. Activities include journal entries, evaluations, and reflection on topics such as ethics, communication, collaboration, transferable skills, and social change. Upon completion, students will gain exposure to a professional setting related to their program of study and explore the practical application of skills in the global workplace.
Note: This course is for semester-based graduate (including master’s level and doctoral level) students.

Students are required to review acceptable internship tasks on the Career Planning and Development website, locate their internship site, and complete all required paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to the start date of their internship course.

There are some states that currently do not permit internships. Contact Career Planning and Development in advance of locating a site to confirm eligibility.

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