2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (March 2022) 
    Feb 07, 2023  
2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (March 2022) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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RSCH 8300Z - Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis

(4 cr.)
Students in this research course are provided with the opportunity to develop core knowledge and skills for designing qualitative research at the doctoral level, including understanding data analysis. Students explore the nature of qualitative inquiry; fieldwork strategies and the nature of observation; theoretical approaches to qualitative research; the importance of quality assurance; and the ethical, legal, and social change implications of conducting qualitative research and producing knowledge. They use software to code data and interpret and present results. Students apply their knowledge and skills by developing a qualitative research plan.
For KAM or Mixed-Model Specializations

  • SBSF 7100

For Course-Based Specializations

  • MGMT 8410
  • MGMT 8420 or MGMT 8510
  • MGMT 8520 or MGMT 8610
  • MGMT 8620 or MGMT 8710
  • MGMT 8720

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