2021–2022 Walden University Catalog (September 2021) 
    Nov 29, 2021  
2021–2022 Walden University Catalog (September 2021)
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NURS 8702 - DNP Project Mentoring

(0 cr.)
This course provides students the opportunity to translate knowledge into practice and demonstrate the competencies of the AACN DNP Essentials. Students will complete the DNP project to demonstrate organizational/systems leadership, translation of evidence, and quality improvement processes on a change impacting health outcomes. Projects will follow the project management process and include components of planning, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination. Students complete the DNP project independently, with the guidance of a faculty advisor and an organization mentor. The order and format of the steps of the DNP project are outlined in the DNP Project Process Guide.
  • NURS 8002 or NURS 8002A or NURS 8002C or NURS 8002F or NURS 8002S or NURS 8006 or NURS 8006A or NURS 8006C or NURS 8006F or NURS 8006S
  • NURS 8114 or NURS 8114A or NURS 8114C or NURS 8114F or NURS 8114S
  • NURS 8201 or NURS 8201A or NURS 8201C or NURS 8201F or NURS 8201S
  • NURS 8302 or NURS 8302A or NURS 8302C or NURS 8302F or NURS 8302K or NURS 8302M or NURS 8302S or NURS 8302W

Note: Students are automatically enrolled in this course each term of the DNP project concurrent with courses required for the DNP program of study.

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