2021–2022 Walden University Catalog (September 2021) 
    Jan 16, 2022  
2021–2022 Walden University Catalog (September 2021)
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PRCM 6820 - Advanced Pediatric Nursing Practicum II: Complex Care

(2 cr.)
Pediatric nurse practitioner students will synthesize their knowledge from previous clinical courses and experiences related to the issues and trends in healthcare needs of children from birth to young adulthood, including well-child care, age-appropriate anticipatory guidance, and the diagnosis and management of various chronic and complex pediatric conditions. The focus of this course is on pediatric nursing practice in the outpatient care environment of the pediatric patient. Students gain confidence in clinical experiences in a primary healthcare setting where they learn to take a subjective history, complete a thorough objective examination, conduct appropriate assessments, identify differentials, make referrals, and plan both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapeutic treatment regimens for well and sick pediatric patients with common chronic and complex conditions.
  • DNRS 6501
  • DNRS 6512
  • DNRS 6521
  • DNRS 6800
  • DRNP 6810
  • PRCM 6810

Note: This course requires a minimum of 160 clinical hours.

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