2021–2022 Walden University Catalog (September 2021) 
    Jan 16, 2022  
2021–2022 Walden University Catalog (September 2021)
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DRNP 6820 - Management of Complex Pediatric Conditions

(3 cr.)
This course is designed to provide the pediatric advanced practice nursing student with specialized knowledge needed for the management of complex acute and chronic illnesses in children from birth to young adulthood. There is emphasis on evidence-based approaches to diagnose and treat complex and chronic illnesses in pediatric patients within the family and community systems. Students also integrate knowledge, theory, and clinical practice research from a variety of disciplines into age-appropriate assessment and treatment of children using culturally appropriate strategies for patient and family education.
  • DNRS 6501
  • DNRS 6512
  • DNRS 6521
  • DRNP 6800
  • DRNP 6810

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