2018–2019 Walden University Catalog (September 2018) 
    Dec 08, 2021  
2018–2019 Walden University Catalog (September 2018) Add to Pages

NUNP 6540 - Advanced Practice Care of Frail Elders

(5 cr.) The complex assessment and care of patients in the hospital setting will require advanced practice nurses to obtain the specialized skills necessary to provide quality care for patients in these acute care settings. This course is designed to prepare students to provide care for acutely ill and critically ill patients. Students in this course will be introduced to the role of the advanced practice nurse, while gaining confidence in caring for acutely ill patients. Through course assignments and clinical practice in the acute care setting, they will plan, implement, and evaluate care for critically ill patients. Students will also increase their knowledge of pharmacologic management of hospitalized patients, while applying knowledge gained through previous coursework.

  Note: This course requires a minimum of 160 practicum hours.

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