2018–2019 Walden University Catalog (September 2018) 
    Jun 24, 2021  
2018–2019 Walden University Catalog (September 2018) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DDBA 9000 - Doctoral Study Completion

(3 sem. cr. per term for a minimum of five terms until completion) In the final doctoral study, independent scholars demonstrate their ability to examine, critique, and synthesize knowledge, theory, and experience so that new ideas can be tested; best practices identified, established, and verified; and theoretical, practice, or policy constructs evaluated and advanced. In all cases, independent scholars engage in rigorous inquiry that results in new knowledge, insight, or practice, demonstrating efficacy in the world of business and management. Through this course, independent scholars gain assistance in working through the process of the doctoral study. They design personal best practices for completing their study within a designated context. They also select their committee members, with whom they establish and maintain strong working relationships and on whom they rely to mentor and approve their proposal and final study. Ultimately, independent scholars completing the doctoral study make a fresh contribution to the field of practice in the professional business environment.

Students take this course for a minimum of five terms and are continuously enrolled until completion of their Doctoral Study with final Chief Academic Officer (CAO) approval.

To complete a doctoral study, students must obtain the academic approval of several independent evaluators including their committee, the University Research Reviewer, and the Institutional Review Board; pass the Form and Style Review; gain approval at the oral defense stage; and gain final approval by the Chief Academic Officer. Students must also publish their dissertation on ProQuest before their degree is conferred.

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