2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) 
    Feb 08, 2023  
2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty Mentoring for KAM Students

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Doctoral students in KAM programs are assigned a faculty mentor. This individual is a member of the faculty of the student’s academic program. Faculty mentors are assigned based on the academic, research, and professional interests of the individual student, and based on the instructors’ other mentoring, teaching, scholarship, and university service commitments. Students may express a preference for assignment to a specific faculty mentor, but the final decision rests with the associate dean or the associate dean’s designee.

Once a faculty mentor is appointed to a student, the student will be enrolled in the faculty mentor’s section of SBSF 7100 - Research Forum or EDUC 8800 - Research Forum. This course provides links to all KAM and dissertation support materials, quarterly planning materials, and discussions and community forums with other students. It also provides a designated area for submitting all assignments and direct contact with the faculty mentor via e-mail and live chat. All manuscript drafts should be submitted within the SBSF 7100 - Research Forum or EDUC 8800 - Research Forum, and faculty members will return drafts with feedback via the Research Forum.




Faculty mentors become facilitators, partners, coaches, and colleagues to their students and are the main source of guidance and support for students in doctoral programs. Faculty mentors also evaluate student work and progress through the program. Walden encourages students and instructors to foster the mentor relationship equally. Students will gain the most from this relationship if they communicate frequently with their faculty mentor, solicit clarification from their mentor whenever necessary, and clearly articulate goals for their working relationship with the mentor.