2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) 
    Oct 05, 2022  
2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Privacy Policy

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Walden University respects and understands the importance of privacy and security for its online customers. Any information collected is used only by Walden University and its affiliates (including Laureate Education, Inc. and Canter & Associates, Inc.) to contact consumers for marketing and operational purposes. Persons who supply their telephone numbers or e-mail addresses online may receive telephone or e-mail contact with information regarding special promotions, new products and services, or upcoming events. Walden University and its affiliates will not release, sell, rent, or trade that personal information to any third party.

Additional policies regarding the privacy, security, and retention of materials transmitted or received using Walden University e-mail systems, electronic portals, and other facilities are contained in the Technology Policies section of this Walden University Student Handbook.

Do-Not-Call Policy

Telephone communications provide valuable opportunities for students and prospective students to consult with enrollment advisors regarding products and services offered by the Laureate Higher Education Group, a division of Laureate Education, Inc. (“Laureate”), and its U.S.-based affiliates. Laureate and its affiliates have adopted and adhere to the policies described here to comply with Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) telemarketing regulations and applicable state laws. As used in this document, telemarketing means a plan, program, or campaign conducted to induce the purchase of goods or services by use of a telephone. Laureate’s affiliates include Walden University and Canter & Associates.

Policy Overview

Laureate contacts only individuals that have provided their prior express consent to be called or with whom Laureate has an established business relationship. Laureate does not make “cold calls” to consumers for telemarketing purposes. Laureate does not use facsimile machines, predictive dialers, or autodialers for telemarketing purposes.

Laureate maintains comprehensive written procedures for its employees who interact with students and prospective students by telephone. Laureate employees are trained to use these procedures and record the do-not-call requests of consumers who no longer wish to receive telephone solicitation calls from Laureate. Laureate takes appropriate administrative actions against employees who violate company policy. Laureate also requires any third parties that assist with Laureate’s calling campaigns to follow company policy and applicable laws.

Do-Not-Call Requests

Laureate and its affiliates maintain an internal do-not-call (DNC) list that includes specific requests from consumers who do not wish to be called by Laureate or any of its affiliates. This DNC list is used enterprise-wide. Laureate and its affiliates purge from any calling list any names and/or numbers on its company-specific DNC list.

Any consumer can prohibit Laureate from calling by asking to be put on Laureate’s DNC list. A consumer’s do-not-call request will be recorded in Laureate’s database within the legally mandated timeframes. Federal regulations require Laureate to honor DNC requests within 30 calendar days. Consumers may place company-specific DNC requests by e-mailing their request, including their full name, address, and telephone number, to removeme@laureate-inc.com

The Laureate Higher Education Group, a division of Laureate Education, Inc. (“Laureate”), and its U.S.-based affiliates believe that e-mail is an effective tool for communicating with students and prospective students. Initially, Laureate requires that individuals provide their private e-mail address to receive information about Laureate schools and programs, enabling interaction that is simple, convenient, and secure. Once an individual is a student in a Laureate school or program, all communications regarding schools and programs will be sent to the student’s new Laureate school or program e-mail account. Laureate’s privacy policy can be found at www.laureate-inc.com. Laureate’s affiliates include Walden University and Canter & Associates. Walden’s privacy policy can be found at www.WaldenU.edu under the “Legal Information” link, and Canter’s privacy policy can be found at www.canter.net under the “Legal Information” link.

Laureate collects e-mail addresses from online information request forms, returned business reply cards, application forms, and other sources. This information is used to contact students about Laureate schools and programs and for promotional purposes strictly related to the products and services of Laureate and its affiliates. Laureate never disguises the origin of its messages. When students receive messages from Laureate, they will be able to identify Laureate or one of its affiliates as the sender.

Each promotional message that Laureate sends will contain either a functioning e-mail address or Internet-based mechanism that students can use to opt out of receiving future promotional messages from Laureate and its schools. In addition, students may submit an opt-out request by contacting removeme@laureate-inc.com and providing the e-mail address that they would like to remove from Laureate’s marketing database. The request should include the student’s full name, address, and telephone number to ensure proper recording of the request. Laureate processes opt-out requests within 14 calendar days. If students would like to resume receiving promotional messages after making an opt-out request, they must provide Laureate with their express consent to receive such messages.

At no time will Laureate sell, share, or rent any e-mail address that it has collected with third parties. Laureate does not authorize the harvesting, mining, or collection of e-mail addresses or other information from or through its sites by third parties. For this reason, Laureate will never publicly display students’ e-mail addresses on its website or make them available through any other electronic means, except that student e-mail addresses may be included in student directories.

Questions about privacy policies should be directed in writing to

Office of General Counsel
Laureate Education, Inc.
650 S. Exeter Street
Baltimore, MD 21202