2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) 
    Dec 04, 2022  
2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Academic Recognition

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Honor Roll for Undergraduates    

An Honor’s List for undergraduates will be calculated and generated twice a year to coincide with the end of two consecutive terms: the combination of winter/spring quarters and summer/fall quarters. Matriculated undergraduate students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher in each quarter will be recognized as follows:

  • Honor’s list: 3.75–4.00

A minimum of 10 GPA quarter credits must be taken at Walden in each of the two consecutive quarters.

Undergraduate Honor Society

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to join Walden’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, a national honor society for adult learners. Honor society invitations are extended to eligible students twice a year. Students are not required to join. Once students have opted in to the chapter, no further academic reviews are required to maintain their membership.

To qualify for an invitation, undergraduate students must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 45 institutional quarter credits earned at Walden
  • Active enrollment during the most recent past two quarters
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75

Walden Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society members are registered in a private eCampus community so that they can select chapter leaders, contribute to chapter community service opportunities, and support fellow members’ academic goals through degree completion.

Undergraduate Latin Honors

Latin Honors are awarded to graduating seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher:

  • Cum laude: 3.500–3.749
  • Magna cum laude: 3.750–3.899
  • Summa cum laude: 3.900 and above

The Latin Honors type will appear on a student’s Walden transcripts and in the commencement program. Undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours at Walden University to qualify.

Note: GPAs are not subject to rounding and must be exact.

Presidential Commendation for Undergraduate Academic Achievement

Walden University recognizes the significant accomplishment of undergraduate students who achieve a perfect cumulative grade point average in their undergraduate work. Students with a perfect (4.0) G.P.A. at the time of graduation will receive a Presidential Commendation for Academic Achievement. Recipients will wear a presidential medallion throughout the graduation ceremony and will be recognized in the commencement program. Recipients who do not attend commencement will receive a certificate and will be recognized in the commencement program.