2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) 
    Oct 05, 2022  
2013-2014 Walden University Student Handbook (December 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Reconsideration of an Evaluation

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Transfer of credit is evaluated and awarded at time of admission. There are two options for the reconsideration of a transfer credit evaluation after the offer of admission has been made and transfer of credit communicated to the student.

Post-Admission Transfer of Credit Review

Students may request a Post-Admission Transfer of Credit review in the following instances:

  1. A course was not initially awarded by admissions and the student would like to submit additional documentation regarding the course (such as a course syllabus) for further evaluation.
  2. Graduate Students Only: A student has a transcript from a previously attended institution containing possible courses for transfer of credit and that transcript was not submitted at time of admission. This is specific to coursework taken prior to the offer of admission.Note: Undergraduate students must submit all transcripts from all previously attended institutions at the time of admission, therefore, they are not eligible to submit for Post-Admission Transfer of credit under this scenario.
  3. A student has previously had a Letter of Permission to take a course at another institution approved by admissions, and the completed course needs to be submitted for admission review.

Students may submit a request for Post-Admission Transfer of Credit review no later than the first day of the course or courses being reviewed in the request. This will ensure that the request is received and completed within the add/drop registration period of the current term in case adjustments need to be made to a student’s schedule based on the outcome of the review. Post-Admission Transfer of Credit will not be reviewed for courses already taken at Walden or past the first day of the course.

A Post-Admission Transfer of Credit request can be submitted for a course that was previously attempted at Walden but not completed; however, the student is financially responsible for that attempt even if credit is ultimately awarded for the course.

Students should submit Post Admission Transfer of Credit review requests to their Enrollment or Academic Advisor.

Transfer of Credit Appeal

If a student wishes to appeal a course that was previously denied for transfer of credit through a Post-Admission Transfer of Credit request, a student may submit an appeal with additional supporting documentation regarding the course being sought for transfer. The appeal will be reviewed by Admissions Leadership and a final decision on the course will be made.

Students should submit Post-Admission Transfer of Credit Appeals to their Enrollment or Academic Advisor.

Policy Guidelines

This policy addresses the review of coursework from external institutions for consideration of transfer credit toward a Walden program. Internal Walden course equivalents are not reviewed or awarded by the Office of Admissions.

This policy only applies to courses that are eligible for transfer in accordance with the Walden Catalog and the Transfer of Credit policy. Courses that are indicated as non-transferrable in the Walden Catalog cannot be awarded as transfer credit by the Office of Admissions because these courses must be taken at Walden.

A request to review transfer credit as a result of students changing their program, concentration, or specialization should be handled as a request to the Office of Admissions from the students’ Academic Advisor, and not as a Post-Admission Transfer of Credit request.