2013-2014 Walden University Catalog (September 2013) 
    Sep 29, 2022  
2013-2014 Walden University Catalog (September 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Where to Look

Topic Walden University Catalog Walden University Student Handbook University Guidebooks
Accelerate Into Master’s (AIM)  x    
Academic Advising   x  
Admission Requirements    x  
Bursar    x  
Capstone  x    
Code of Conduct    x  
Curriculum  x    
Degrees  x    
Disability Services    x  
Dissertation x x x
Doctoral Study  x  x x
Faculty Members x    
Field Experiences x x x
Final Projects x x x
Financial Aid   x  
KAMs, Policies and Procedures   x x
Licensure x x  
Minors x x  
Registrar   x  
Residencies   x  
Specific Courses x    
Specific Programs x    
Student Responsibility for Technology   x  
Thesis   x x
Transfer of Credit   x  
Tuition and Fees   x  
University Vision and Mission   x  

  Students should contact their Academic Advisor with other questions about where to find information.