2012-2013 Walden University Catalog (September 2012) 
    Feb 02, 2023  
2012-2013 Walden University Catalog (September 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This accreditation covers initial teacher preparation programs and advanced educator preparation programs. However, the accreditation does not include individual education courses offered to preK–12 educators for professional development, relicensure, or other purposes.

Note on certification and licensure: Acceptance of education degrees from Walden University by individual states for the satisfaction of certification or licensure requirements rests with each state. Walden’s advisors can provide individuals with basic guidelines and other information about state requirements. It remains the individual’s responsibility to understand and comply with the regulations and other requirements for the state in which he or she resides.

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