2011-2012 Walden University Student Handbook (June 2012) 
    Nov 29, 2020  
2011-2012 Walden University Student Handbook (June 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Other Funding Options

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Resources for Veterans, Dependents, and Military Personnel (Active/Reserve)

Walden University’s academic programs are approved by the Minnesota State Approving Agency for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs under the jurisdiction of the St. Louis Regional Processing Center. School Certifying Officials in the Walden Veteran Affairs Office are trained and authorized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to certify student enrollment in approved academic programs. Enrollment certifications are submitted using VA form 22-1999. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs receives, processes, and issues payment after processing VA Form 22-1999.

Students planning to pay tuition by using any type of GI Bill, VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E), or Federal Tuition Assistance should contact the Walden University Veterans Office in order to initiate the administrative support that will ensure the prompt availability of these financial resources. The Veterans Office at Walden University can be contacted at: va@waldenu.edu

The following financial resource programs for veterans, current military personnel, and dependents can be used at Walden:

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Private Education Loans

The university can assist students in securing private education loans through various participating financial institutions. For additional information, students can review the Federal Programs  page of this handbook or they may contact a Walden University financial aid representative at 1-800-925-3368 or at finaid@waldenu.edu.

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Family Tuition Reduction

A 25 percent reduction is available on all tuition and fees (excluding residency travel, room, and board) to the spouse, parent, or child of any enrolled student who is paying equal or higher tuition. This reduction is honored for any Walden program the family member enters and is valid throughout the term that both individuals are enrolled. Students may contact the enrollment office for additional information. (Not valid for Tennessee residents.)

Tuition Reduction Benefits

Only one tuition-reduction benefit may be applied to tuition at one time.

Students will forfeit any scholarship or tuition reduction they receive if they withdraw from the university or change to another degree program that is not eligible for the scholarship or tuition reduction.

Students on a leave of absence will retain their scholarship or tuition reduction if they return to the university within the time frame listed in the leave of absence policy.

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Third-Party Tuition Assistance

A third party may pay for a student’s tuition by submitting a voucher, purchase order, or letter of credit to the bursar’s office. The following information should be included:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s identification number or Social Security number
  • The term and course(s) being sponsored
  • The amount of tuition the sponsor wishes to pay
  • The sponsor’s billing address and contact person

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Higher Education Professional Development Program

Faculty or staff member at a college or university may be able to benefit from the Higher Education Professional Development Program. See more detailed information on the Walden website under Other Funding Options.

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Monthly Payment Plans

Walden University partners with Sallie Mae TuitionPay to provide students with an alternative to paying full tuition at the beginning of each term. Through TuitionPay’s monthly payment plan, students may spread the cost of their tuition over multiple months—interest-free. The TuitionPay plan is not a loan, and there is an enrollment fee. See more detailed information on the Walden website under Other Funding Options.