2019–2020 Tempo Learning® Addendum 
    Dec 06, 2022  
2019–2020 Tempo Learning® Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

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Tempo Learning® Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Required for all Tempo Learning® students, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) ensures students are making adequate progress through their program to complete their degree on or before the maximum allowable time frame. The SAP tracks student progress as it relates to completion of credit equivalencies, which are the associated credit values that students would have earned if they successfully demonstrated the same learning outcomes in the Walden course-based program.

For example, all of the competencies found in the Tempo Learning® programs have an associated credit equivalency value that is aligned with existing courses in the course-based versions of the programs. While students may earn credit toward their SAP as they work through their Competencies, credit is only awarded to students on their transcripts upon the completion of all of the Competencies that correspond to a traditional Walden course.

The image below is just one example of how credit equivalency values of competencies add up to the full credit value of a traditional Walden course. While students may earn credit toward their SAP as they work through their Competencies, credit is only awarded to students on their transcripts upon the completion of all of the Competencies that correspond to a traditional Walden course.

Tempo Learning® program has a unique minimum number of credit equivalencies a student must accept per subscription term depending on the course-based program structure and number of total credits. The table below outlines the minimum number of credit equivalencies students must agree to per subscription term for the various programs currently offered:

Program Minimum Number of Credit Equivalencies per Term
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN Completion program) 11.25
BS in Business Administration 11.25
BS in Criminal Justice 11.25
BS in Early Childhood Studies 11.25
BS in Health Studies 11.25
BS in Healthcare Management 11.25
BS in Public Health 11.25
Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management 3.75
Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Administration. Management, and Leadership 3.75
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 4.5
Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) 6.625
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) 6.625
MS in Criminal Justice 6
MS in Early Childhood Studies 4.125
MS in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology 6
MS in Psychology 6

This requirement ensures that each student is attempting a credit equivalency value that would equate to the estimated time to completion of the course-based equivalent program. To stay in good academic standing and meet the Walden SAP policy, graduate students will need to successfully complete at least 50% of the attempted credit equivalencies, and undergraduate students must successfully complete at least 67% of the attempted credit equivalencies. SAP is checked every 6 months to ensure students are making adequate progress. All Agreed-to Credits will be factored into SAP compliance whether or not the student completed the term, withdrew, or was administratively withdrawn.

If students’ completion of earned credit equivalencies is below the benchmark percentage (graduate students = 50%, undergraduate students = 67%) of their attempted credit equivalencies at the time SAP is checked (every 6 months), they will be placed in a “warning” status. Students are required to bring their completion rate of earned credit equivalencies up to or above the benchmark percentage by the next SAP check, 6 months later. Students who are on warning and fail to meet the benchmark percentage requirement will be suspended from federal financial aid (if applicable) and removed from the Tempo Learning® modality.

Additionally, students should engage in some sort of measurable academic activity as often as possible but no less than once in each 30-day period. Student engagement in the learning platform is continually tracked and monitored. If a student has failed to demonstrate academic engagement in the learning platform for 30 consecutive days, the student will be considered an unofficial withdrawal and will be administratively withdrawn from the modality.

Students utilizing financial aid who are administratively withdrawn from Tempo Learning® for any reason will be subject to the return of Title IV funds using the last date of participation as the withdrawal date.

In addition to keeping their academic progress at or above the benchmark percentage of Agreed-to-Credits value by each SAP period, students in their first term must complete a minimum of two competencies or be automatically placed in SAP warning status within the Tempo Learning® modality. This additional first term policy is to ensure that the Tempo Learning® modality is a good academic fit.

Students who are on SAP warning at the time of SAP evaluation, and who have not met their SAP requirement will be academically dismissed from the competency-based modality. They may return to the course-based program but will remain on SAP warning and be required to meet the policies and requirements of the course-based version of the program.

Students who wish to explore moving into a course-based modality should reach out to their Academic Coach, who will assist students in taking the necessary steps to move out of Tempo Learning®.