2018–2019 Walden University Student Handbook (September 2018) 
    Feb 02, 2023  
2018–2019 Walden University Student Handbook (September 2018) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Enrollment Requirements

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Walden University has time limits from initial enrollment to completion of degree program, which are as follows:

  • Doctoral students: 8 calendar years
  • Master’s and EdS students: 5 calendar years
  • Bachelor’s students: 8 calendar years

Students who reach the time-to-completion limit may be subject to dismissal from the university. Students may submit a petition to request an extension of the time-to-completion requirements. Doctoral students who are granted an extension of the time-to-completion requirements may be required to meet specific benchmarks for each additional term. In addition, doctoral students who are granted an extension of time may be required by their program director to engage with specific university support services, which may result in conditions imposed that include, but not be limited to, enrollment in a student success course or workshop.

Time students spend on leave of absence counts toward students’ program length. If students request a leave of absence during a time when their program deadline will expire, they must first file an appeal for an extension of their program deadline and have it approved prior to leave of absence being granted.

For students on military leave of absence, their leave time doesn’t count toward the total time allowed to earn their degree program.

Students need to complete the minimum credit requirements described in their program’s section of the Walden University Catalog.

Certificate Time to Completion

Walden University has developed guidelines for time to completion of certificate programs. From enrollment to conferral, students will have 2 years to complete stand-alone certificate programs requiring 1–19 semester or 1–29 quarter credit hours, and 3 years for stand-alone certificate programs comprising 20–30 semester or 30–45 quarter credit hours. Students obtaining certificates embedded into a degree program will have no additional time to completion beyond the comprehensive degree program, and they must apply to be awarded the certificate prior to applying for the degree conferral. Students offered a step-out certificate, at the discretion of the school leadership, must not exceed the maximum time to complete for the currently enrolled degree programs. If a student applies for a leave of absence, this time will count toward the maximum time to completion for a certificate program. Students will be required to file an appeal for an extension and have it approved prior to the leave of absence being granted. The only exception will be for students on a military leave of absence, whose leave time will not count toward the maximum time for completion of the certificate.

Continuous Enrollment Policy

The university expects students to be continuously enrolled until the completion of all degree requirements. Students receiving financial aid should consult a financial aid counselor to determine how their enrollment status impacts their eligibility for financial aid and education loan deferment now and in the future.