2018–2019 Walden University Student Handbook (September 2018) 
    Jun 29, 2022  
2018–2019 Walden University Student Handbook (September 2018) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The bursar’s office acts as the custodian for university funds. The office is divided into two distinct units:

  • The responsibility of the receivables management unit is to accurately process student tuition payments, refunds, and billing. Payment processing is done on a daily basis to help ensure that student records are up to date. Billing, as well as the application of student discounts, is done on a daily basis. The receivables management team also tracks past-due balances and, when necessary, places a financial hold status on the student’s account as it relates to tuition and fees. Federal financial aid disbursements are also applied and refunded from this unit.
  • The responsibility of the financial account management unit is to reduce the past-due receivables in a timely and effective manner. This is accomplished by identifying and contacting all students whose accounts are deemed past due, via e-mail, letter, and telephone. The overall objective is not only to collect the receivable but also to encourage the student to continue his or her education, thereby retaining the student and continuing to increase the university’s revenue stream.

The Office of the Bursar responds to questions on tuition and billing and handles student loan disbursement and refunds.

E-mail: bursar@waldenu.edu.

Phone: 1-800-925-3368 (1-800-WALDENU) and follow the options for the Bursar office.