2016-2017 Walden University Student Handbook (March 2017) 
    Jun 30, 2022  
2016-2017 Walden University Student Handbook (March 2017) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Change

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I am a strong proponent of Walden’s vision of a scholar-practitioner. As a full-time academic who is engaged is the scholarly community, I think the traditional silos between academia and ‘the real world’ are relics of the past. Walden’s social change mandate is not only unique, it is inspiring. It challenges every one of us to not only be better scholars but to be better citizens.


Dr. David Finch

PhD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences Graduate

At Walden University, we define positive social change as a deliberate process of creating and applying ideas, strategies, and actions to promote the worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies. Positive social change results in the improvement of human and social conditions.

This definition of positive social change provides an intellectually comprehensive and socially constructive foundation for the programs, research, professional activities, and products created by the Walden academic community.

In addition, we at Walden support positive social change through the development of principled, knowledgeable, and ethical scholar-practitioners, who are and will become civic and professional role models by advancing the betterment of society.