2015-2016 Walden University Student Handbook (March 2016) 
    May 28, 2022  
2015-2016 Walden University Student Handbook (March 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Skills Center

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The Academic Skills Center provides tutoring in statistics, SPSS software, and Microsoft Office applications, and houses courses and workshops designed to improve Walden University students’ knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. In addition to skills-based student support, the Academic Skills Center provides resources to support faculty members in their work with students. These resources include announcements that faculty can copy and paste to use in their classrooms, monthly video updates, and instructional video tutorials. These and other faculty resources are available on the Academic Skills Center: Faculty page.

Tutoring Services in the Academic Skills Center support all Walden students who request supplemental help with statistics (including SPSS) and Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Graduate assistants and instructional specialists tutor students in live, synchronous online sessions. Tutoring Services also host ongoing Skill-Builder instructional webinars and chat forums that students can attend live or watch in the center’s recordings archive. Video tutorials are available as well to supplement instruction. More information on these services and resources can be found on the Tutoring Services page and the Skill-Builders page.

The Academic Skills Center’s WCSS Program houses student success courses and doctoral capstone revision workshops. Student success courses were developed to address three student academic needs on a university-wide basis: (a) academic integrity, (b) remediation of skills, and (c) skills enhancement. Students enroll in these courses of their own accord, at the urging of faculty members, or because they are required by their program to do so. WCSS 3100/3101 - Skills for Academic Integrity, a 3-week course, can be required of students who need intense instruction in academic integrity and APA style. Students enrolled in BS programs may take WCSS 3100U - Skills for Academic Integrity. Courses are available to master’s and doctoral students in both semester-based and quarter-based programs; course length varies depending on the type of term and course. Credit is granted for successful completion of each student success course but does not apply toward degree program requirements. All classes are pass/fail.

The WCSS Program also houses the doctoral capstone revision workshops, a series of workshops designed to support students’ writing of their doctoral proposals. The series consists of four workshops focused on revising and editing the introduction, the literature review, the methods section, and the proposal overall. Each workshop is 6 weeks long, and students must submit a two- to three-page excerpt from their proposal to their academic advisor to register. More information about the WCSS Program’s student success courses and doctoral capstone revision workshops is available on the WCSS Program page.