2014-2015 Walden University Student Handbook (March 2015) 
    Oct 25, 2021  
2014-2015 Walden University Student Handbook (March 2015) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Semester-Based Programs

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 2014–2015 Academic Year

(Rates Effective January 5, 2015)

 Teacher Preparation Program Tuition (per semester credit hour)  
 Teacher Preparation Program with a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)  $570a
 Special Education (K–Age 21)  $570a
 Endorsement Program Tuition (per semester credit hour)  
 Reading Endorsement Program  $530a
 Master’s Tuition (per semester credit hour)
 Executive Master of Business Administration


Tuition is $1330/semester credit. Any students who started prior to January 2014 will remain at $1650/semester credit.

 Master of Business Administration  $895a
 Master of Healthcare Administration  $690a
 Master of Information Systems Management


Tuition for students enrolled prior to May 2014 start will continue to pay the rate of $835 per/credit; only new students will pay $790.

 Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)—All Core/Specialization courses  $620a
 M.S. in Accounting  $895a
 M.S. in Accounting and Management  $895a
 M.S. in Adult Learning  $680a
 M.S. in Clinical Research Administration  $805a
 M.S. in Communication $725
 M.S. in Early Childhood Studies  $680a
 M.S. in Education (except Educational Leadership and Administration specialization)  $530a
 M.S. in Education Accelerated  $530a
 M.S. in Education for self-directed courses (Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Elementary Reading and Literacy; Teacher Leadership specializations)  $80a
 M.S. in Education with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Preparation Program)  $560a
 M.S. in Health Informatics $785
 M.S. in Higher Education  $680a
 M.S. in Human Resource Management  $910a
 M.S. in Information Systems  $790a
 M.S. in Information Technology  $790a
 M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology  $580a
 M.S. in Leadership  $830a
 M.S. in Management  $745a
 M.S. in Marketing $895
 M.S. in Project Management  $950a
 Education Specialist Tuition (per semester credit hour)
 Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning; Adult Education; College Teaching and Learning; Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development; Early Childhood; Reading and Literacy Leadership [Non-Licensure]; Special Education [Non-Licensure]; Teacher Leadership  $880a
 Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Preparation) Program  $790a
 Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Capstone Course (per course)  $1,000
 Doctoral Tuition (per semester credit hour)
 Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)  $920a
 Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)  $880a
 Doctor of Information Technology (D.I.T.) $920
 Residency Fees  
 3-Day Residency  $895b
 4-Day Residency  $1,275b
 5-day Residency  $1,795b
 6-Day Residency  $2,395b
 In-Residence Supplemental Tuition $1,875b
 Virtual Residency $1,375b
 Capstone (Dissertation/Doc Study) Intensives (4-day retreats)


 Certificate Tuition and Fees (per semester credit hour)
 Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology  $580a
 Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Advanced Project Management  $950c
 Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management  $950c
 Graduate Certificate in Auditing $895
 Graduate Certificate in Business Management  $895a
 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Administration $805
 Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning


 Graduate Certificate in Communication $725
 Graduate Certificate in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Developmental Education  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing $895
 Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Administration, Management, and Leadership  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Advocacy and Public Policy  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Elementary Reading and Literacy  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Engaging Culturally Diverse Learners  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Enrollment Management and Institutional Marketing  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management $910
 Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership for Student Success  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Information Systems  $790a
 Graduate Certificate in Integrating Technology in the Classroom  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Leadership $830
 Graduate Certificate in Managerial Accounting $895
 Graduate Certificate in Mathematics 5–8  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Mathematics K–6  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching for Adult Educators  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Professional Development  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Science, Grades K–8  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Special Education  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Teaching Adults English as a Second Language  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Diversity in Early Childhood Education  $680a
 Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners  $530a
 Graduate Certificate in Teaching K–12 Students Online  $530a
 Post-Master’s Certificate in Adult Education  $880a
 Post-Master’s Certificate in College Teaching and Learning  $880a
 Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Administration Certificate $920
 Certificate Technology Fee  $160e
 Other Fees  
 Technology Fee (per semester) $160
Support Courses (per semester credit hour)  
 A Practical Course in APA Style $195
 Advanced Reading Strategies $195
 Communications and Teamwork in a Global Society $195
 Critical Thinking and Logic $195
 Graduate Writing I: Evaluative Composition Skills $195
 Graduate Writing II: Persuasive Composition Skills $195
 Skills for Academic Integrity $195
 Succeeding on Academic and Professional Exams $195
 Writing a Literature Review $195
 Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Proposal $245
 Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Introduction $245
 Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Literature Review $245
 Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Methodology Section $245



aIncludes course textbooks and materials.

bFee does not include travel, food, lodging, and other miscellaneous expenses. Residency fees take effect January 2015.

cThere is no charge for MSPM 6101, which is a 1-credit course, for certificate students.

dTuition for the Executive Master of Business Administration program covers the books, Technology Support Fee, hotel rooms, most meals, and an airline travel voucher for both residencies. Students will receive a $500 airline travel voucher for the leadership residency and a $1,000 airline travel voucher for the international residency. Students will be given directions to book their air travel through a pre-approved travel agency. The airline travel voucher is intended to cover the cost of airfare to and from the residencies. Any airline costs above the provided vouchers will be the responsibility of the student. Funds can only be used for purchasing a round-trip airline ticket to an approved residency; unused funds will be returned to the university. Walden will not cover any passport or visa-related fees. It is the responsibility of students to cover any fees or expenses associated with their ability to travel outside of their home country.

eThe Technology Support Fee is included in the program fee for students in the Executive Master of Business Administration program.