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    Walden University
  Oct 22, 2017
2017-2018 Catalog (September 2017)

Reading K–12 Endorsement

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The Reading K–12 Endorsement program enables licensed teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills in reading and literacy instruction. Through a graduate-level curriculum, educators examine reading research, theories, and practices and explore how and when to use a variety of literary assessments to diagnose reading difficulties. Educators also gain the ability to design intensive instruction for students with reading challenges and create highly engaging learning environments that promote literacy development in all learners. Coursework encourages the use of a wide range of text structures and genres, including high-quality literary and informational text, digital text, and electronic resources, and assistive technologies based on the needs and interests of students as well as literacy learning goals and objectives.

The Reading K–12 Endorsement program also includes field experience activities, providing ongoing opportunities for educators to apply their new-found knowledge in real-world elementary, middle, and secondary school settings.


MS in Education With a Specialization in Reading and Literacy With a Reading K–12 Endorsement

The MS in Education with a specialization in Reading and Literacy with a Reading K–12 Endorsement enables licensed teachers to build their skills in reading and literacy instruction. Through an exploration of reading research, theories, and practices, educators gain an understanding of how to diagnose reading difficulties through various assessments and plan effective reading instruction for all students, including those who struggle with reading and writing, those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and those who are academically gifted. Field experience opportunities allow participants to apply their knowledge in elementary, middle, and secondary classrooms.  

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, educator professionals can show their abilities in the following areas:

  1. Literacy Development: Apply reading and writing developmental stages and processes that impact literacy development in order to support student development.
  2. Diverse Literacy Learners: Create a positive and motivational literate environment that contributes to the success of all learners.
  3. Literacy Instructional Strategies: Apply a variety of instructional methods and strategies in order to encourage student skill development.
  4. Literacy Assessment and Planning: Use formal and informal assessment strategies to determine student literacy needs and develop curriculum and instruction to meet those needs.
  5. Literacy Reflective Practice and Professional Growth: Demonstrate the ability to reflect on choices and actions, and seek out opportunities to grow professionally.
  6. Literacy Leadership and Collaboration: Collaborate with teachers, parents, staff, and others to implement literacy-related initiatives and data-driven decision making.

Program Requirements

  • Reading K–12 Endorsement (19 sem. cr.)
  • MS in Education with a specialization in Reading and Literacy with a Reading K–12 Endorsement (31 sem. cr.)



Walden University requires that all participants in its reading K–12 endorsement program review the Candidate Guidebook and the Field Experience and Clinical Practicum Handbook to help them understand the guidelines and requirements of the program, including transition points, state endorsement, and field experiences.

Participants can access the Candidate Guidebook and the Field Experience and Clinical Practicum Handbook from their myWalden university portal. Participants enrolled in any of the reading K–12 endorsement programs should refer to the Candidate Guidebook for complete information on the programs and the policies and procedures related to them. Candidates should refer to the Field Experience and Clinical Practicum Handbook for detailed information regarding the field experience requirements in the program.

Note on Licensure

Note on Licensure

For initial licensure or adding endorsements (e.g., new teaching fields) to existing licenses, individuals are often required to complete a state-approved licensure program. Walden offers Minnesota state-approved licensure programs in special education, elementary education, and P–12 principal licensure (EdS) as well as an endorsement program in reading. Walden also offers an Ohio state-approved principal licensure program at the master’s level.

Prospective students seeking licensure must research their state licensure requirements to determine (1) if they are required to complete a state-approved licensure program, and (2) if there are any other requirements that apply, especially requirements pertaining to programs provided by out-of-state (except Minnesota) or online institutions.  Additionally, not all of Walden’s programs include a practicum or cover the grade span of K–12, which are requirements for obtaining an endorsement in some states, especially in the area of reading.

The graduate degree program and coursework within the program in which you are enrolling may be accepted by many states toward upgrading or renewing a license or obtaining a salary increase (depending on state or district policy).

Walden enrollment advisors can provide guidance on licensure issues; however, it remains the individual’s responsibility to understand and comply with all state licensure requirements. Walden makes no representation or guarantee that completion of Walden coursework or programs will permit an individual to obtain state licensure or endorsement. For additional guidance on licensure issues, please refer to

Program Data

Walden is committed to providing the information you need to make an informed decision about where you pursue your education. Click here to find detailed information for the Reading K–12 Endorsement program relating to the types of occupations this program may lead to, completion rate, program costs, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.